While a focus on the guest experience has become increasingly important to venues around the globe, it has only increased the search for new solutions that can deliver on guests’ ever-growing needs.

Best Lockers was founded in 1968 and is a leading provider of guest amenity solutions to the amusement and theme park, waterpark, casino and ski resort industries. But Best Lockers also does something others don’t… create new, workable solutions to make the guest experience the very best possible!

ElectroPod by Best Lockers is a secure cell phone charging station that is functional, flexible, and fits in every type of leisure and entertainment venue.

As use of cell phones and PDA’s has skyrocketed, the need to charge and recharge those devices has become paramount for guest users. Today, most venues don’t have a solution in place and are often inundated with guest requests to charge their phone while waiting on a ride, for their meal, or just because they are in need.

The ElectroPod offers …

  • Full Service Cell Phone Charging Station with Six Charging Lockers Per Unit
  • Adapters for Apple, Android, Blackberry & Windows devices
  • Option to use LAN connection or Cellular Broadband Router connectivity
  • Charging time automatically determined by unit for most efficient charge
  • Administrative access and reporting functionality
  • Options to Purchase or Lease


  • Offer service for free OR charge a fee (depends on venue)
  • 6 charging lockers per unit (wall mount, pedestal)
  • Adapters for Apple, Android, Blackberry, & Windows devices
  • Charges at maximum speeds without damaging phone
  • Secure login shows real-time stats for each location
  • Master key provided to venue for emergencies
  • Dimensions: 2 feet x 1.5 feet, 7” deep, 50 lbs., 120v outlet required, WiFi/Cat5
  • Two options for connectivity: Local Area Network Internet Connection or Cellular Broadband Router Connection (PCI Compliant)


  • Customers stay longer & spend more money
  • Eliminates burden & liability of charging customers’ phones
  • Customers are happier & have a better overall experience
  • Eliminates liability & burden of charging customers’ phones
  • Charging time automatically determined by unit for most efficient charge
  • Lease or purchase options available