Our Biggest Mistake Inspired Our Greatest Innovation

We at Best Lockers are very grateful to the World Waterpark Association for awarding Best Lockers the 2010 Innovation of the Year Award for our GoPod Electronic Locker System! We can’t even begin to discuss the GoPod without first thanking Russell Melton and Mark Whitfield from Waterworld, CA; Melissa Kelly and Scott Patrick at Sandcastle, PA; Deb Green arid Bruce Schmidt at Okemo Ski Resort, VT and Tim Koons and Eric Flynn, Liberty Mountain Resort, PA. After our previous electronic locker had failed terribly, we had created the GoPod and needed to test and develop the product. When we asked Waterworld, Sandcastle, Okemo and Liberty if we could install the GoPod in their facility, they said “Yes!” Whether they had faith in Best Lockers or they were excited about the potential of the GoPod, they gave us the twelve months we needed to fully develop what is now the award-winning GoPod Electronic Locker System.


If it’s difficult to understand why an electronic locker can be an innovation, we understand. When it comes to lockers, there are three kinds of people. First, those of us who know what a locker is; second, those of us who see lockers on a spreadsheet or people who are in charge of the people who run lockers; and third, those of us who have lived in “Lockerland”.


If you have stamped thousands of patron keys, replaced even more wristbands, set-up elaborate keyboards… you have lived in Lockerland. If you’ve had to look up computer-assigned customer codes, deal with electronic locker computer crashes, and break into an electronic locker door.., you have lived in Lockerland.


So, if you have lived in Lockerland, the innovations of the GoPod Electronic Locker System will completely change your perspective on lockers. To place the GoPod in the locker category is almost unfair. The GoPod Kiosk reduces cash handling, increases other point of sale opportunities, and is an advertising tool, as well. With the GoPod, a locker is no longer just a locker.


Your guests’ experience begins with the GoPod Kiosk. Before they begin their transactions, your guests view a high-resolution ad for an upcoming event or an ad for a featured restaurant. These screen shots run constantly and you can change them as often as you would like!


While purchasing their lockers, your guests have the opportunity to purchase anything else, too! You can vend strollers, tubes, meal tickets, event tickets — whatever you would like. With the GoPod Kiosks, you are increasing your point of sale opportunities, reducing the number of lines your guests have to stand in, and reducing attendant cash-handling.


The GoPod Locker Cabinet features a keypad on every locker door! Your guests check-in to the GoPod Kiosk one time, choose their own PIN code, and they never have to line up again to access their lockers. For the rest of their visit, they simply go directly to their lockers.


Soon your guests will be able to view and purchase their photos and videos taken at your facility on the GoPod Kiosk! Soon your guests will be able to choose and purchase their PIN code online!


We are grateful to the World Waterpark Association for the 2010 Innovation of the Year Award.

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